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USA Travel Help.

I've been to the States several times before, but I'm going on quite a limited trip and want to make the most of my time there. I'm also travelling with someone who has only been to Hawaii, so I don't want to waste her time in the places I've been to before.

At the moment, it looks like this:

4 days NYC
A few days Orlando (Harry Potter World)
LA/San Diego (ComiCon)

I've been to NYC and parts of LA before - just the beaches, I stayed at Hermosa.

Basically looking for your recommendations:

- what would you show a first-timer in NYC in four days? She's not THAT touristy - Times Square won't impress her - but I'm thinking things like Coney Island, Roosevelt Island, Tribeca - she likes old and industrial things, cool food places, queer interest, art things, tv/movie locations

- what shows are the best at the moment? We're seeing The Normal Heart for sure.

- Central Park - your favorite bits of it? I've only been to the part around the Lennon Memorial. She wants to see the Balto statue. I don't have time to go over the whole park.

- what's there to do in Orlando besides the theme parks?

- Disneyworld vs Disneyland? Anyone seen World of Color? Is it worth it?

- San Diego - best things to do while we're not at ComiCon? We're staying in Little Italy.

- Los Angeles: hit me with it. I know nothing except the Venice Beach area. I don't want to do like, maps of stars homes, but I do want to do the Paramount lot tour. Asides from that I want to know the local stuff - I'm more interested in like, seeing/going to music/art industry stuff, events, gigs or bars or openings, and shopping I guess. I know about the Grove and Amoeba and I've heard there's a big famous independent book store? We would also not be like, opposed to celeb-spotting but not like, from a bus with a tour guide. My friend who I'll be staying with works in West Hollywood and lives between there and Silver Lake. If you are an LA local or a regular visitor, just hit me with it.

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 hi guys! I need your help with names and what they make you think of.  here is the question...

what do you think of when you hear "fabrication?" What kind of images do you see? Does it have a certain "feeling?"

Anything helps, anything at all. Please and thank you with a cherry on top :)


What is the most intimate thing you have said to another person?

Depending on what 'intimacy' means to you, it could be something positive, negative, private about yourself, a personal story/event/moment you've shared with another person, etc. Anything.

Post anonymous if you want.

more tshirt questions!

I need some stats for a class tomorrow that we're doing on "target markets" - if you guys could take a few seconds to fill out a few questions, I'd appreciate it SO MUCH. Won't use your ages or usernames or anything, we just need to make some pie charts. And its about tshirts, which I thought would be pretty topicless friendly. Thanks in advance!

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And finally (optional and mostly for funsies), post a photo of your favourite shirt!

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Has anyone here had a bad experiance at a Paul Mitchell School? Specifically the one in Cranston, RI?

  I just got back from getting my hair cut there and I am SOOO beyond disappointed. I asked for an asymmetrical and brought in very clear pictures. I left with barely an a-line. (Ill post pics when Im not in class haha) The girl didn't even cut the right side of my hair..just my left. All she talked abouot was how she didn't want to be a hairdresser and that If I had come in at a later time the better girls would be here. UMMM not what I wanted to hear.

I know these girls are still in training but I was expecting some form of proffesionalism. What irked me most is that the Professional that was on the floor did most of my haircut and it still sucks!!! She explained how to go about the haircut to the girl I was with but then proceeded to do most of it herself. 

It's not an awful horrific cut. But its NOTHING like what I asked. The WHOLE right side was NEVER touched!!!

okay this is tl;dr..just needed to vent!!
georgia dress

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So, in New Jersey, on May 1 we have a law going into effect that requires all provisional drivers (17 year olds) to put bright red stickers on their license plates identifying that they are 17.

The new law is going to make driving laws for teenagers MUCH stricter (we already have the highest driving age and really strict laws, but they're getting worse), but this is the most controversial piece of it. Oh, and 17 year olds can now only have one passenger, no matter if they're related to the driver or not (I think parents are the only exception).

How do you feel about teenagers having to openly display to cops, creeps, and anyone who looks at their car that they are a seventeen year old? Do you think it will help to save lives?


So, Topicless, I am wanting to make a shirt but I don't know what kind of paint I should use to make it. I want to have a green shirt with white lettering on the phone, I just need to figure out paint that won't wash out when I wash the shirt.

Thanks for any help. :D

Also, Topicless, have any of you made your own clothes or modded store bought clothes? What did you do?
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