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Welcome to topicless, the community about nothing. Join the community. Post whatever you want. Follow the rules. Join our last.fm group (click HERE to become a member).


First of all, CHECK THE TAGS before posting! A link to the tags can be found here.


- Friending memes are to be posted by mods only. Don't even try.

-Don't post music upload requests.

-Don't ask people to do your homework for you. Things such as surveys for a project are fine, but don't ask anyone to figure out your math problems.

-Don't post AIM conversations between you and your friends. Seriously, while it's probably funny to you, chances are no one else cares.

-If you're going to post TV/movies spoilers, put them behind a cut.

- Think about what you're posting. Chances are, if you're posting a story about how drunk you were or how you got it on with your boyfriend last night and don't bother to make the post interactive no one will care. Stories are fine, yes, but make sure you include other members in your post. topicless isn't like your personal journal.

-Check to make sure what you're posting hasn't been posted recently. While posts here are moderated, we don't catch everything. There is nothing more frustrating than 4 posts in a row about someone's penis.

And remember, we're not a democracy when it comes to accepting posts. If a mod thinks your post is just too stupid for topicless, it's going to get rejected - you may be HORRIFIED that this has happened, but that's just the way it goes. Don't be afraid to post though -- most things are happily accepted.




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